Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas

Many couples are now looking for ways to live sustainably without sacrificing their wedding day. It’s easier than you might think to go green by having an eco-friendly wedding.

These are our top eco-friendly ideas for weddings:

Farm-to-table venue

It is important to find a venue that grows its produce. This concept is known as farm-to-table. Couples are moving away from the traditional hotel wedding and choosing to have their ceremony in the country. Local farmers or venues that grow and prepare their organic products are becoming more popular. This will ensure your guests a memorable experience.


Couples committed to sustainability are increasingly able to choose eco-conscious invitation options. Paperless Post, which allows you to track and send your invitations online via email, is one of many paperless options. Couples who want a traditional mail invitation can still be eco-friendly if they use recycled paper. More paper companies are becoming more conscious of sustainability.

Wedding dresses

Many brides spend a lot on their wedding dresses, usually only worn once. Today’s eco-friendly brides are seeking more sustainable options for their wedding dresses. They can search on Still White for second-hand dresses to save time, energy, and fabric. You can also reuse an existing dress, such as a friend’s or family member’s, to help the environment. If brides want to make their wedding gowns, they can find a designer who uses sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton or silk. Second-hand bridesmaid gowns are also available for those who wish to be married. They are likely to have been worn only once, so they will be in excellent condition. Just make sure you check for wear and tear.

Decorations and Decor

There are many options available when it comes to decorating your wedding. You can find them at local markets, eBay, or second-hand shops for vintage decorations and items. If you are motivated, you will be amazed at the variety of table centrepieces, lighting options, and decor that you can find. You are not only helping the environment by recycling pre-loved objects, but you also can create unique spaces for your guests.


To reduce their global footprint, many couples choose to use more sustainable favours. A popular choice for couples is to choose a charity to donate on behalf of their guests instead of buying individual gifts. Many couples hand out bags with seeds from Seed Paper Australia to their guests. This keeps the day alive and allows them to enjoy seeing their new plants grow.


Many of the flowers used in weddings were sourced from abroad. These flowers are subject to pesticides and chemicals that can damage the environment. Local florists and growers are eco-friendly options to provide fresh flowers for your wedding.

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