Heartfelt Ways To Remember Loved Ones At Your Wedding

There are many emotions and sadness that can accompany a wedding. These situations can be difficult to handle, but it is a wonderful gesture to remember those special people on your wedding day.

So that your loved ones can be remembered at your wedding.

Add a personal item to your bouquet

It could be your loved one’s favourite flower or a locket, charm, or piece of jewellery. Making this part of your bouquet can be a way to honor them. It is a beautiful and creative way to keep them close.

Memorial Table

Some couples can set up a memorial table with photos and memories of their loved ones. You could add personal items, a storyboard or photo, and even a message board for family members to share their thoughts.

Get a Seat

Some couples want to reserve a seat for loved ones who pass during the ceremony or reception. This gesture can trigger some people. It is important to talk with your partner about what options work best for them and how they feel about it. Perhaps you attach a sign to your chair or note it in your seating plan.

Wedding Program

A couple may choose to include a photograph in the loving memory of their loved ones as part of their wedding program. This beautiful gesture is also a keepsake for the couple and your guests.

Remembrance candles

A remembrance candle, which represents an everlasting flame and carries a special message about your loved ones, might be included. You have many options for personalizing candles to make them special and meaningful. This can be incorporated into the ceremony or reception in various ways.

Keep a family heirloom.

As you walk down the aisle, remember the special memories of someone you care about. It could be jewellery, a handkerchief or a photo. This can also be a great way to honour their memory.

A charitable donation in the name of a loved one

You could donate to a charity that is dear to your loved one in place of wedding favours. Many charities and organizations can provide personalized thank you notes or pins to the guests to return the donation. This could be a special way to remember your loved ones and help support something so important to them.

There are many ways you can honour your loved ones at your wedding so that you feel like they are there with you. There is a way that works best for you both. For more inspiration and wedding planning tips, visit our Facebook page.

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