Need-to-know Bridal Hair Accessory Tips!

There was once a clear choice in bridal hair accessories. The traditional veil dominated the stage for the majority of the 20th century. Modern times have shown us that the veil is still an option, but there are many other ways for a bride to accessorize her hair.

In this avalanche of options, how do you choose the right hair accessory for you? Please keep reading to learn our essential bridal hair accessory tips.

Use what you have

It is easier to match hair pieces to wedding dresses than the reverse.

Create your style

Don’t wear too many accessories or jewellery if you aren’t comfortable with them. Please keep it simple and true to your style. Bold, large hairpieces are for those who love fashion statements. Consider smaller accessories such as bridal hair clips, pins and bridal hair combs for those who are more conservative.

Consider your hair style

This is an important aspect of choosing the right wedding accessory. Accessorizing will depend on your wedding hairstyle. Do you prefer your hair down or up? Do you prefer your hair straight or curly? Are you a thick or thin person?

Delicate hairpieces can get lost in thick hair. Floral headpieces and bolder hairpieces are better choices if your hair is thick. You may prefer delicate accessories for your hair if you have thinner hair.


These stunning accessories can bring out the bride’s sparkle. These are our top picks for accessories:

  • The floral bridal crown is a great way to accent the bohemian and beach-bride look.
  • The elegant, classic bride wants to compliment the wedding gown with hair clips and pins softly.
  • Tiaras for bridal: These tiaras are bold but delicate and can be worn as a crown or veil.
  • For a contemporary, minimalist style with a geometric & metal design headpiece
  • Traditional veil: You can’t go wrong with a veil, if that is your preference. They come in many sizes and styles, so you can be sure to find the one that suits you.

Timing is everything

The next step after you have nailed that famous dress is to accessorize. To ensure that everything fits well, take photos of your dress and samples with you as you shop around.

Where can one find accessories for wedding hair?

The answer is yes, in many places. There are many places to shop for hair accessories, including bridal shops. Lovisa Jewellery, a lower-cost jewellery store, will stock many hair accessories. You can also shop online to get the best prices. Just make sure that they offer a return or exchange policy if the accessory is not suitable for your gown. You can also browse the amazing Esty collection of bridal hair accessories for inspiration.

The perfect accessory for your wedding hair can make your look even more special. Take your time choosing the right accessories and have fun trying them on! We hope you enjoyed these tips for bridal hair accessories.

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