Trending Bridal Shower Ideas For 2021

Bridal showers have a long history. They were started as small gifts to help a bride start her own home. We’ve collected a list of the most popular and current bridal shower trends, as many brides have one as part of their wedding celebrations. You might be surprised by some of these trends!


High tea is a great choice. Think fairy lights, bright-coloured pillows, rugs, and outdoor furniture for a more relaxed atmosphere. You can serve sweet and savoury finger foods to your guests. Why not add some fancy cocktails? Savouring Today has a variety of delicious high-tea recipe ideas. There are many options available for garden high tea parties so that you can cater to the bride’s tastes and interests.


You don’t even need to go to a winery these days (although some would not complain). To enjoy a great wine-tasting experience. Many bridal parties hire wine stewards who will guide their guests through a wine tasting experience. You can also pair wine with specific foods or meals to make the extra experience special. Your home can be transformed into a fine-dining venue!


More couples are hosting coed parties, including the groom and their friends. Couples choose to host small gatherings, parties, or barbecues instead of a traditional bridal shower. This is a great option for couples going on a honeymoon. Guests can also contribute holiday accessories. For couples who love to be outdoorsy and want to have fun together, backyard soirees can also be a great choice.


This Bridal Shower theme is perfect for Bridgerton-obsessed fans! Imagine your guests dressed in the most elegant outfits and wearing monochrome centrepieces. Think floral tablecloths, elegant fine china, and a wreath of lush flowers and greenery for decorations. This regal theme can be used for invites and lavish costumes and games.


You and your guests may not be able to travel internationally at the moment, so why not offer a taste of California to them? This Coachella-themed bridal show is a great idea for the music-loving bride who loves boho fashion. You can create a playlist of favourite songs that the bride will enjoy and have your guests dancing! You can use flower crowns and festival glitter as decorations. For guests to relax and enjoy, deck the garden with rugs and pillows.

Modern-day bridal showers have evolved. Themes can be as broad as your imagination allows.

We hope you found this list helpful in planning your bridal shower or a shower for a friend.

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