5 Tips For Writing Your Wedding Guest List

When planning a wedding for the first time, the most important question is: Who should we invite? Writing your wedding guest list can be difficult for some couples and cause contention between families. Your guest list could get too long if you feel obliged to invite family members, friends from far away, or colleagues. These 5 tips will help you choose the right people to invite to your wedding.


Before you begin writing your wedding guest lists, it is important to talk with your partner about your wedding budget. Discuss your financial contributions with your partner. Do you have parents who are willing to help? Or will you be financing the wedding yourself? To avoid any misunderstandings later, be clear about the expectations of everyone financially involved. Depending on the venue, your budget will determine how big or small your wedding will cost.


Once you have established your budget, and depending on the venue you are choosing, determine the minimum and maximum number you can afford to invite. This will allow you to work with the maximum number of guests possible.


When it comes to choosing your guests, you and your partner should sit down together. You should ensure that the rules are fair for both sides and they apply to all members of your family. You might decide to have a general rule that you won’t invite anyone you haven’t spoken to in the past 12 months. Perhaps you decide to not invite your children to the wedding as a couple. As hard as it may be, make sure to follow your rules!


Friends may not have a partner. However, you don’t have to pressure them to invite a friend. Your numbers will skyrocket if you do this for all of your single friends. Weddings are great occasions for people to meet and mingle. Let your friend decide if you are okay with them coming to your wedding. It will be easier to narrow down your guest list by not adding plus one.


Once you have established your guest list rules, budget and venue, it is time to begin writing them! Many couples want to begin with their immediate family and then move on to aunties, uncles, cousins, and distant relatives. Add close friends to your guest list once you have taken care of the immediate family. These friends will make up the majority of your guests. If you have enough guests, you might consider inviting work colleagues. You should choose people who know you and your partner well. You can narrow down your guest list by using flow diagrams like this one from passionately about paper .

Remember, however, that your wedding day is about you and your spouse. You should decide who to share it with.

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