5 Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

It can be not easy to let go of your bouquet after all the planning and budgeting involved in choosing wedding flowers. Although some may feel that the beautiful arrangements are over once the wedding is complete; there are still ways to keep them going!

These are 5 ways to preserve your flowers for a lifetime.

It is important to consider which options will work best in your home and be practical before deciding on your wedding flowers.

Hang Dry

Hang your bouquet upside down after the wedding and let them dry. You can remove any tape or plastic coverings, and separate stems stem by stem. Allow the stems to dry in a cool, dry place such as a closet for at least a week. You can use the dried material to decorate a wreath, place it in a vase or make a display in your home.

Send your flowers

You can choose the flowers you want to press and then separate them into sections. On a piece of wax paper, arrange the flowers in the way you want them to look. Place the flowers in a book, such as a text or a phone book, and let it sit for 10 days. After they have dried and been pressed, you can either frame them yourself or hire a professional to do so. This YouTube video will show you how to press and frame your flowers.

Use wax to dip flowers into

You can extend the shelf life of your flowers, but not forever! To extend the shelf life of your flowers, you can dip them in wax. This will give them an additional six-plus month. Let the paraffin wax cool in a saucepan. Slowly, carefully dip the flower heads in the wax until completely covered. Allow them to dry in a cool place before you put them together again in an arrangement.

Resin flowers

You can dry your flowers and press them. Then you can set them in clear resin by hand. However, it is best to practice this first. Amazon has DIY resin craft kits that you can use for setting your flowers. Ensure that the flowers have been dried properly, as resin can cause flowers to change colour.

Flower paperweights

A beautiful way to remember your wedding day is to preserve a small amount of the flowers you have chosen in a glass orb. You can keep it as a permanent display or as a paperweight. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration and ideas for wedding flower paperweights.

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