How To Choose A Hairstyle For Your Wedding Day

Although choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding is not as important as selecting the perfect gown, it can make a big difference in how you look and compliment your outfit. How do you choose the right style?


Knowing what you will be wearing is a crucial step in choosing the right wedding hairstyle. A high neckline with intricate details can be lost if the hair is down. Therefore, a soft bun that highlights the neck could be the best choice.

Do you have a plunging neckline? Or an open back in your bridal gown? These styles are often open to a looser hairstyle!

Are you looking for a sleek, sophisticated style that complements Audrey-Hepburn’s look? Or is it more casual and boho for a wedding? In which case, wavy hair might be more appropriate.

Also, consider the length of your hair. It would help if you also considered the length of your hair when planning your wedding. If you have short hair, hair extensions are an option to get the look you want and increase volume.


It is also important to think about whether you will wear jewellery or a headpiece. Do you prefer subtle or bold jewellery? You want your hair to stand out whether you’re wearing bold jewelry or a statement accessory.


You may spend hours trying to get the perfect hair look, but it only takes seconds or minutes to make it fall out. Consider the location of the venue and how long you need your hair to look the way that you want. If your wedding is outside, wind can cause hairstyles to fall apart quickly. It is possible to have a fight with wind and photos – hair may get stuck on your lips or in your face! A neat and secure hairstyle can make it easier to avoid hair falling out of your face.


You can’t go wrong with looking through photos of weddings to help you find the perfect style. There has many great styles. You can use these ideas on a Pinterest board, or even take screenshots to show your hairdresser.

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