How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake

Although the wedding cake has been a tradition for many years, it has seen many styles change over the years. The decision to have wedding cakes is easy for most couples. However, there are many options available. When choosing the style, tiers, flavours, and toppers, there are many things to consider. We have put together our top tips to help you pick the perfect wedding cake.

Size it up

Before you can design the most intricate marzipan flower-adorned cake, it is important to estimate how many people you expect and how many servings you will need. After determining the number of guests, cake designers can determine the best size cake to serve them. This is an important step in determining the number of tiers and the overall size of your cake. Here is where your budget plays a key role. It would help if you also considered labour costs. Due to labour costs, intricate decorations such as fondant flowers, sugar paste, marzipan and fondant flowers can cost more. A cake made with buttercream frosting can be cheaper. You can even use real flowers to decorate your cake.

Think flavor!

After you’ve decided on the cake size, it’s time to think about flavours. This step is the best part! You can taste-test your cake to your hearts content. Even more exciting is that the range of cake flavors has expanded from the traditional fruit cake. Couples now have the freedom to experiment with different flavours. There are many options, no matter what your preference is: mud cake or vanilla cake, chocolate cake (white chocolate), sticky date, poppy seed, caramel, buttercream, or a combination of all these. You can arrange a tasting session with local cake-makers to determine your preferences. For those who like a more savoury option, you can even order a cheese wheel cake!


A wedding cake can be a beautiful addition to your overall theme or style. You can choose a cake that matches the theme of your wedding if you already have one in mind. Consider what colors, decorations, and designs you would like to match with the other elements. Pinterest is a great place for ideas on cake styles to match your wedding theme.

Add the perfect topping.

Over the years, cake toppers have evolved from traditional figurines of the bride and groom. These days, the most popular options for cake toppers are acrylic, handcrafted and handcrafted initials, wooden names, or the simple words “newlyweds”. You can customize your cake toppers to fit any theme or style.

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