Wedding Shoe Inspiration from Real Brides and Grooms

Time for some wedding shoe inspiration! Many of us love beautiful shoes, but we also love other styles. There are many options when it comes time to get married.

Your choice of wedding shoes will depend on many factors, such as the style and length of your gown, your height, where you live, and how comfortable you are wearing them all day and night.

Before we dive into the inspiration for wedding shoes, here are a few things to keep in mind before you begin your search.

  • Are people able to see your shoes and what are they like?
  • What is the location of the ceremony and reception? And what shoes will you wear to match the surroundings? If you are having a beach wedding, heels may not be appropriate.
  • What do you feel most comfortable in? Are you able to wear heels for 5+ hours?
  • Which style do you prefer?
  • Are you looking to be flashy or simply?

Reminder: This is your wedding! Get the shoes you love, not the ones others tell you to get.


Luisa and Nick were dressed in classic shoes for their classic Melbourne wedding. Their union as husband and wife highlighted their big day.

Elegant and classic

Tia had always wanted to marry, so she was thrilled when Nathan asked her to plan her wedding! Although it was a long and difficult process, they finally got their desired wedding. Tia said that their wedding was the most memorable day of her life. Are you sure Nathan and Tia were able to make those wonderful memories by wearing the right shoes?


Kar Wai and Leann advise future brides-to-be to relax and enjoy the moment. “When the day is done, you want to be able to recall the real moments: the ugly crying, the tripping over of your gown, and the hugging one too many people you loved.” Did Leann’s shoes play a role in this “tripping on your dress” memory?


Jojo and Luise were filled with pure happiness and contagious laughter on their wedding day. Jojo laughs, “I thought I would wear heels to my wedding, but Luis fell in love with me and loves my height (4’11”), so I settled on flats.”

Modern rustic

Shannen and Ayhan designed their wedding to be modern and rustic, with blush pink, navy and ivory as their colours. According to the bride, extensive research was key to their wedding planning.


Claire and Mitch had a relaxed rustic wedding with pizza, beer, and a bride wearing gumboots. They wanted everyone to have fun and show appreciation for each other. You can see that the bride didn’t have to worry about her shoes on her wedding day.

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