What Are My Wedding Options With Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Coronavirus has destroyed your wedding plans. Now what? You might be wondering:


We are sorry that you had to cancel your plans and postpone your wedding. While we understand the time and effort that goes into planning a wedding, you can rest assured that your future date will be equally special. Many brides have shared their stories about how they dealt with this situation.

These brides have chosen to marry according to the Coronavirus restrictions. There are three main options for weddings.

  1. Get married now and have the party later
    You have the option of dividing the wedding proceedings. Legally, you can still do this! You must have a registered marriage celebrant, two witnesses socially distant at your wedding (one being an photographer if you still need happy snaps!). While the ceremony is going on, make it official. Live streaming the ceremony can be done to your loved ones so they can participate in the exchange of vows. After the Coronavirus is gone, you can throw the best party ever (after cancelling or postponing your existing plans). You can choose to resitute the ceremony with your family or your celebrant, or record the process at your reception. You can even wear your gown twice if you wish! Few Brides can claim to have had that opportunity.

Your dress may be worn twice
You can still marry on the set date

Your vows can be witnessed only by your family and close friends.

  1. Put off the wedding
    This is the best way to do it. Talk to your venue about your possible dates. It is often the biggest element of your wedding! Ask them for a list of dates. Talk to your “must-have” suppliers about which dates are best for you, your makeup artist, hair stylist, and celebrant. If possible, have your closest and most important family members present on the date. It’s now time to call.
    All other services should be moved to the new date. You may have to look for a replacement supplier if someone is unavailable. Remember that many other brides have already booked their weddings for the late 2020-early 2021 period, so once this time is over, it may not be as competitive. Contact all guests and inform them of the date. If you wish to mail out additional invitations, you can arrange to have new RSVPs or invites sent.

Most deposits can be transferred to new dates by simply postponing
Enjoy your wedding with all of your family and friends.

The wedding date will be moved back
It can be difficult to communicate the new date with all parties.
Dates are limited

  1. Cancel your wedding and possibly plan again after it is over
    Anxiety and stress are common in wedding planning. In difficult times like these, stress can become more severe and can even affect your health. Check out our blog: 5 ways to avoid stress during wedding planning. Talk to your doctor if you feel that stress from your wedding is negatively affecting your health, whether it’s during or after the current climate. You can take steps to reduce your stress and anxiety, even if you have to cancel your wedding temporarily. It may be that you don’t need it right now. You may feel that your potential funds are low due to job losses, or that there is just too much going on around the world for you to consider getting married. That’s fine.

Mental Health
This may give you the chance to reassess your needs and desires.

Replacing Again

You are not the only one. These restrictions were put in place to protect everyone, including your loved ones. We will all be cured of this virus.

It’s a wonderful story to share with your grandchildren that your wedding was canceled due to a virus spreading around the world. Although this can be frustrating and stressful, try to find positives and keep them in your heart. You may one day be able laugh about the madness involved in planning a wedding twice. This article was written to help you think about “What are my options for a wedding with coronavirus?”

Best of luck!

Please refer to the Australian Government Department of Health for Coronavirus (COVID-19), updates.

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